University students can’t decide to live in their family’s house or live in a dormitory…

Nowadays there are many university students in the world.They can’t decide to live in their family’s house or in a dormitory. Life in your family’s house and life in a dormitory have many differences and many similarities in many ways.

There aren’t many similarities. There are many differences in many ways. First of all, For example, when you live in your family’s house, You feel more comfortable than living in a dormitory. You don’t need to cook and clean your house.You mustn’t work in a job. Because your family give much money. You spend time with your family. So you can get bored easily. However, You live in a dormitory , You spend time with your friends. So you are very happy. When You live in your family’s house, you can more focus on studying than livng in a dormitory.

On the other hand, You live in a dormitory, You have to share your room with your friends. Maybe, You don’t want to share your room with your friends. You eat fast-food all the time. So you don’t love eating fast-food. You have some healthy problems. You have to pay for the room and other expenses. So you have to work in a job. But You are independent.

To sum up, Although life in your family’s house and life in a dormitory have many differences in many ways, you should live in your family’s house. You can feel comfortable!..

Writer:Cansu Porsuk(Happy Kids)


Family Divorce Has A Lot of Effects in Family

Nowadays The family get divorced a lot. There are many effects in the family.

Firs effect is that when you get divorced , you break your heart and your home. Moreover you feel stressed. You have some psychological problems. You can get depression. You can get angry easily.

Second effecy is that when you have got children and you get divorced, your husband may not want to look after your children. So you have to be very responsible and you have to have more time. You have to spend time with your children every time.

Third effect is that Your children have many psychological problems. For example , The Divorced Family’s Children get depressed and are violent by their parents. Your children miss their father/mother but their mother/father aren’t here. So your children are depressed by their parents.

Another effect is that you have some economic problems. Because You live alone ıf you don’t have children. But ıf you have children , You have to work and have lots of mıney. Because quality of life is expensive. As a result although divorce has got many harmful effects in the family . The family decide to divorce a lot. You shouldn’t get divorced. You should find a person who the man with the love of his life.

Writer:Cansu Porsuk(Happy Kids)

Banning Smoking…

Nowadays, The people smoke cigarettes very often. The people think about banning smoking or not banning smoking. Smoking is harmful in many ways.

First of all, Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and significant cause of heart problems. For example, When you smoke, You can’t live long without health problem. You buy some cigarettes. Furthermore You have a little money.

Secondly, Non-smokers are also affected; they are exposed to tobacco and its dangers even though they don’t smoke it. For example, If you are ın smoking areas, You breath hard. Moreover, although  You don’t smoke, You have caugh very often.

On the other hands, People ara against banning smoking. The people think  about banning smoking would be an unjustifiable intrusion into personal freedom. When the people  can’t smoke the cigarette,  the people think they are not independent their life.

In sum, Smoking is a serious issue but we can’t make people who have the right to smoke the butt of every joke. In my opinion, everybody’s right needs to be considered. Perhapsa partial ban is the way forward…

Writer:Cansu Porsuk


Eating Habbits In Turkey….


In Turkey, there are a lot of dishes. Turkish people don’t like eating alone. They like to eat together. They do not like having breakfast. In some parts of the country they make local -food. They only eat lahmacun or fish with hands. It is not polite to start eating before your  parents/guests. In the streets, there are grocery stores, restaurants and they sell everthing and food. You can buy excellent Turkish Dürüm in ever shop in the country.During the weekends they usually get up late. Some times at the weekends, they eat with their friends. People in Turkey are different dishes…

Writer:Cansu Porsuk (Happy Kids)